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Big Bowl Ice 大碗公
loc marker 11, Jalan Kota Laksamana 1/2, Taman Kota Laksamana Seksyen 1, 75200 Melaka.
chocolate peanut biscuit ice
mango ice
oreo biscuit ice
fruit ice
fruit ice with ice-cream top
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The well-known Big Bowl Ice located at Melaka, one can enjoy varieties flavor of ice here. Big Bowl Ice is a specialist in ice desserts business. We offer more than 100 varieties of ice products from choice of both snow ice and shaved ice. We are using fresh fruits and our self-cooked beans as our main toppings. The food processing process from pick of fruits, pick of food materials and cook are all done by our own. At the same time, our fruits and food materials are handled by ozone water(O3) to decompose pesticide and residue on fruit skin and food materials.
Besides that, we also serve grass jelly, pudding, beverages, snacks, waffle and light food etc. to suit different needs of our customers.
In consideration of health needs and the pursuit of tastefully ice desserts, we are using food materials with good quality (with HALAL, SGS, GMP & HACCP certified). All our ice desserts are being tested in terms of sweetness to ensure the proper taste and healtiness.
In Big Bowl Ice, we serve two main type of ice, namely Snow Ice & Shaved Ice.
Snow Ice: taste fine and smoothly, melt in mouth in seconds, relatively smooth and soft ice.
Shaved Ice: cool and refreshing, relieve thirst and heat, relatively rough ice.

Our ice desserts ranged from 1X to 30X (known as one of the biggest ice in the world) which are suitable for individual, family, friends and groups etc. 30X Big Bowl Ice is served using a blue-and-white porcelain and served with small mountain-like shaved ice and brown sugar syrup, mixed with five different types of fresh fruits on top. Mix the shaved ice, brown sugar syrup and fresh fruits together while enjoy it, you will feel cool and refreshing, and can relieve your thirst and heat. The fresh fruits are subject to season.
The reason we serve such a big bowl of ice is that we hope everyone enjoy the ice together happily, and this is the fun of the big bowl ice.
How a bowl of ice can touch our customers, we see it in the point of view of customers, ‘We want to sell to you our ice, what is the price? how does it look? how does it taste? Only if we feel that it is OK, then you will feel OK.’
Putting in great effort to reach customer demand is our promise.
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Business Hour
MON-THU 12:00pm -12:00am FRI-SAT 12:00pm - 1:00am SUN 12:00pm - 12:00am
Ticket Price
11, Jalan Kota Laksamana 1/2, Taman Kota Laksamana Seksyen 1, 75200 Melaka.
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