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Tong Sheng Restaurant
loc marker 377 & 378, Jalan Melaka Raya 6, Taman Melaka Raya, Malacca Town, 75000
salad prawn
fresh milk crab
sugar vinegar guai fa
chessy prawn mee hon
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Dongsheng Garden Seafood House opened in 2009, the founder of the great culinary masters Lirui Ming talent, twelve years old, has been in Kuala Lumpur was a Hokkien mee chefs. Over ten years of cooking experience, Master Li with his own and decided to return to Malacca to create exquisite culinary career.

Today, the chef who is the son of Li Dongsheng Park master - Litian Liang chef. Lirui Ming old master kitchen learn life skills are taught to son. Litian Liang chef not only inherited his father's superb cooking, but also a continuation of his father's spirit and innovative dishes.

In addition to the continuation of traditional signature dishes, Lees constantly working to develop new dishes, created Dongsheng garden belongs to the unique flavor of creative dishes to cater to the crowd.

Full A first "cheese raw shrimp powder" is a traditional and creative cuisine Lees's finest creations. "Cheese raw shrimp powder" is the favorite by the people of Hong Kong "lobster stew Cheese Noodles" evolved. Intimate master in order to allow diners to enjoy a five-star cuisine popular price, they choose freshwater shrimp, pan-fried rice noodles sandwiched rich cheese sauce, adding a sweet plump prawns, attractive not only sell, but also people fragrant lips and teeth, each bite 咀嚼出 chef's intentions and ideas, is the signature dish connoisseurs will point.

Dongsheng Park's first exclusive "cheese raw shrimp powder" can be said for the Malacca innovative traditional dishes from the head. Due to the unique flavor of this channel widely welcomed by the patrons food, so now all restaurants in the city also will be available.

The unique secret sauce topped both can make a perfect match, it is worth mentioning that the fish topped with sauce and will not soften, but also can keep crisp and delicious, like, right?

Diners may choose a favorite cheese fondue bar, secret pot cheese served moment, taste buds will be active in an instant together, the rich seafood material gradually into the soup boil slowly, more fragrance overflowing, great it!

In addition, one of Japan merged butter baked squid creative dishes, fresh crab is the signature dish is a favorite of diners.

Dishes may be copied, taste can be imitated, but genuine taste can not be surpassed. Want to taste the most original, most authentic, the most unique "cheese raw shrimp powder", the only seafood in Dongsheng home.
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RM11 - RM20
377 & 378, Jalan Melaka Raya 6, Taman Melaka Raya, Malacca Town, 75000
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