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Redang Island
loc marker Redang Island Pulau Redang Kuala Terengganu Terengganu Malaysia
Redang Island
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The islands of the Redang Archipelago are Malaysia's gems in the South China Sea. It comprises Pulau Redang, Pulau Pinang, Pulau Ling, Pulau Ekor Tebu, Pulau Kerengga Besar, Pulau Kerengga Kechil, Pulau Paku Besar, Pulau Paku Kechil and Pulau Lima. Most of the islands remain inhabited.

Located 50 km from the mainland and a less than an hour boat ride from the Merang Jetty, the archipelago is surrounded by crystal clear waters, pearly white shores, a colorful array of spectacular marine life, a breathtaking sunset, and what could be the world's most mature coral garden.

Boats leave for the island daily in the morning. Immediately upon arriving at Redang, the turquiose sea offers an enticing invitation to 'test the water'. Many have been deceived by Redang's crystal clear water. As if to dispel an illusion, unsuspecting visitors would jump into the sea only to discover themselves in water deeper than expected !

These sun soaked islands have been gazetted as a Marine Park back in 1985, and enjoy the protection of the Department of Fisheries of Malaysia. The biggest island, Redang is the spirit of these islands. It is known to travelers from both in and outside the country since years ago and has its place in The World Best 10 Most Beautiful Island ranking.

Most of the islands are in the southern of Redang Island, including the Marine Park Headquarter which is sited on Pulau Pinang. There is an office in the marine park to inspect and supervise all activities in this area. Several units of chalets are built overseeing the sea, but it is only for the enjoyment of government servants.

Northern side of Redang Island is the famous diving point, the Turtle Bay. A turtle conservation center is located here for studies purposes. During nesting season, turtles are hatched and released back to the sea. Educational visit and camping can be organized by writing to the organization of concern.

The majority of resort operators on Redang are scattered in the southern, along Pasir Panjang beach, offering visitors a plethora of accommodation choices to suit their budget, from basic wooden beach huts to luxurious 4-star comfort. However, it is always cheaper to buy an all-in package than to book an accommodation alone.
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Redang Island Pulau Redang Kuala Terengganu Terengganu Malaysia
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